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Currently there are 921 F!Shep/Garrus fics on A03 and 25 M!Shep/Garrus fics! (I'm excluding threesome or moresome fics for simplicities sake)

In order to highlight some of these awesome fics (and possibly encourage the writing of more *wink wink*) I figured a good ol'fashion rec-post was in order.

So at least once a month, this will be your go-to community for Shep/Garrus fic recs extraordinaire!

First thing's first, theme! If anyone has any theme-suggestions, comment here! And if you have any recs yourself, PLEASE feel free to make your own rec post or comment here and I will start collecting a more cohesive and organized rec list to post at the beginning of next month!
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Looking for some fic inspiration?

Check out [personal profile] such_heights Female Character Trope Fest

There are some pretty nifty Shep/Garrus prompts:

1. f!Shepard/any alien character - marriage of convenience

2. f!Shepard/f!Garrus - genderswapped Garrus

pretty fond of this prompt, seriously *swoons*

3. f!Shepard/Garrus - not realizing they're dating

I would pay good money for some confused Shepard being secretly courted by Garrus and not realizing it and then suddenly understanding that Garrus has practically proposed Turian marriage by the time she figures it out. It would be full of so much deliciously adorable awkwardness which the two already have in spades!

4. Liara/f!Shep/Garrus - not realising they're dating

5. Liara/f!Shep/Garrus - huddling for warmth

that one time the Mako breaks down because they let Shep drive - again - and Joker can't get them because he's too busy evading Reapers and Cerberus and god knows what other baddies. So Shep and Garrus and Liara are stuck on exoplenet 500 where tempetures always hover around freezing. So OF COURSE they have to huddle for warmth. Possible sexytimes ensue, the end.

6. Liara/f!Shep/Garrus - confined space

7. Liara/f!Shep/Garrus - slow courtship/dating

There are quite a few other prompts that should make the Mass Effect muse happy (like EDI/Sam truth or dare, I mean, that is BEGGING TO BE WRITTEN)

So yeah, check it out!
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Hi everyone, I've set up a ME friending meme here, please use it! (Apologies to those of you who have seen this on a dozen communities already. ♥)
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Hey guys! I figured I would go first and leave a little something...I wrote this back at Christmas but I'm feeling the Shakarian love, post Citadel, so, enjoy! (I hope.)

670 words
PG for reference to sexytiems

Garrus takes a break )
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We'll start things off old school here with a good ol'fashioned Commentficathon!

As for the prompting format, be sure to specify Shepard gender and if you want it to be Pairing-focused or Gen IE Pairing, Prompt or Gen, Prompt.

For example:
1. Female Shepard/Garrus, somehow Garrus arranges for an actual picnic, with actual dirt and actual ants stealing most of their food. Well, space ants but still.

2. Male Shepard/Garrus, sometimes it's not always about who's the best shot. Sometimes it's about who's the better arm wrestler.

3. Gen, Garrus teaches Male/Female Shepard some sniper techniques

If you want another ship besides Shep/Garrus, feel free to throw that in too. But you gotta have at least one Shep/Garrus prompt too, because of reasons. And if you want it to be Garrus or Shepard focused, go right ahead :)
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Welcome to an appreciation comm dedicated to the awesomeness that is Garrus/Shepard.

The usual rules apply, wipe your feet on the rug, don't break anything, try not to piss EDI off cause even though she jokes about spacing people, you never know with her.

While not affiliated with the [ profile] fuckyeahshakarian tumblr, if you're wanting lots of awesome gifs and the like, go check them out!


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