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We'll start things off old school here with a good ol'fashioned Commentficathon!

As for the prompting format, be sure to specify Shepard gender and if you want it to be Pairing-focused or Gen IE Pairing, Prompt or Gen, Prompt.

For example:
1. Female Shepard/Garrus, somehow Garrus arranges for an actual picnic, with actual dirt and actual ants stealing most of their food. Well, space ants but still.

2. Male Shepard/Garrus, sometimes it's not always about who's the best shot. Sometimes it's about who's the better arm wrestler.

3. Gen, Garrus teaches Male/Female Shepard some sniper techniques

If you want another ship besides Shep/Garrus, feel free to throw that in too. But you gotta have at least one Shep/Garrus prompt too, because of reasons. And if you want it to be Garrus or Shepard focused, go right ahead :)

Date: 2013-03-10 06:52 pm (UTC)
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MShep/Garrus: the bigger man, or how Shepard manages to ruffle Garrus' "spacebird feathers"

FemShep/Garrus (gen or pairing): that damn turian sense of duty

FemShep/Garrus: it's no Fleet and Flotilla, but...


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